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Relationship & Animal Mating | Sexual Conflict – Documentary

Relationship & Animal Mating | Sexual Conflict – Documentary

The relationship & animal mating between living beings have been the key to forming links between individuals in nature.

PART 1: Relationship & Animal Mating. Aggressive Male
PART 2: Relationship & Animal Mating. Sexual Conflict
PART 3: Relationship & Animal Mating. Matriarchal Culture
PART 4: Relationship & Animal Mating. Spiritual Relationship

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Since the beginning of life in the sea, adaptation has taught animals to establish relationships with other beings.
No one on the planet wants to be forever alone, and all animals surround themselves with more or less complex social structures, to increase the chances of survival.
In addition, these relationships are further complicated by sexual reproduction, which implies the need to form couples and take care of the offspring, and this makes it both more possible and more necessary to develop social intelligence.
Some animals have developed mating strategies in which stable relationships play no part.
Animal mating is essential for the survival of the species. In Australia kangaroos are constantly mate. In the majority of cases, life is more risky for the males, because they either succeed or fail, whereas almost all the females mate. That is why evolution has made the males bigger and more aggressive.
The Magellanic penguin is colonial and monogamous, so while some males are mating, others, still single, try to find a partner. But it is not easy.
Despite the insistence of this male for mating, the female rejects him because he does not have his own hole in which to lay the eggs. No way is she going to risk reproducing with someone who is not even capable of getting there in time to grab a decent home.
For the female, it is very important that the future father of her eggs has his own living quarters. So if this male wants a mate he’ll just have to get here a bit earlier next year for mating.

It is the female who must choose the best genes, because her eggs are few, limited and valuable, and what’s more it is they who will have to look after the young. For a male, the cost of an error is insignificant, his sperm can easily be replaced.

This male elephant seal weighs 2,500 kilos. He is capable of copulating with one hundred females in a single season, whether they want to or not. He will not be able to eat, and barely sleep, because other males will constantly try to rape one of his females. And that means he will have to fight.
If the warning doesn’t work and the invader persists, he will have to show him precisely why he is the king of the beach. For the females, a short rest before continuing.
This is called “polygyny” and for the females the evident sexual conflict is a guarantee of both the quantity and quality of descendents. A biological pact which benefits both sides.

Almost all animals have one mating season a year, but there are two species for which this is not true: rats and humans. Human females are always sexually active, and childhood is long, so the couple needs to be a stable unit. And that is of enormous biological importance because it is vital for the survival of the young.

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