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how to train your puppy dog – best dog training courses online

how to train your puppy dog – best dog training courses online

how to train your puppy dog – best dog training courses online
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Always use rewards when training your dog. Watch professional trainers. They use rewards constantly to reinforce positive behavior. The reward should also be accompanied with verbal praise. I have watched the Westminster Dog Show numerous times, thinking that the number of treats handed out was way overdone, but you can’t argue with the success they have achieved. So, join the pros and reward your dachshund.

Reinforce the positive praise with the command. Don’t just say “Good Boy”. Include the command, as in, “Good Boy, STAY”. Much positive praise leads to much success.

One valuable key to success is good timing. Your dog will associate your actions with the action he last committed; therefore, an immediate reward for the desired action is very important. Otherwise, your dog will think you are giving the reward for some other action. If you ask your dog to “SIT”, give him his reward immediately along with strong praise, such as, “Good Boy, sit.”

Do not punish your dog during the training routine. If your dog does not do a command correctly, do not shout at him, or punish him. The fault is probably in your teaching technique, not in his behavior. You may be pushing your dog too hard or rushing too much. Perhaps it is time to take a break. When you return to the training session, go back to the point your dog understood and slowly progress from there.

Keep the training sessions simple. Always use the same method of teaching. Dachshund training needs consistency in order to work. I am a teacher in middle school, and this rule applies to pre-teens as well as dogs. Most dogs, like young children, have a very short attention span, and dachshunds are no different.

Finally, use very simple, one-word commands whenever possible. Do not confuse your dog by changing the command. For instance, if you want your dog to get off the chair, use the command “OFF”, not “DOWN”. Down should be used when you want the dog to lie down. And don’t use “LIE DOWN” when “DOWN” will suffice. The simpler the command, the more success you will achieve.

Training your dachshund should be fun and rewarding, both for you and your dog. Make sure to relax. Dachshunds each have their own personality, individual from all others. So get to know your dog on a very intimate basis. Know what his likes or dislikes are, and if the training method suggests something that you know your dog will not respond well to, change it or substitute for it.

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