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German Shepherd Dog Training Attention

German Shepherd Dog Training Attention

http://www.dedicateddogtraining.com/german-shepherd-dog-training/ We have a few things going on here: 1) training and playing (many dog owners do not realize the value of doing both at the same time; it really can be so much more productive in obedience training for so many reasons. 2) adding a level of distraction by inviting the other dog to sit next to the German Shepherd. 3) Ensuring the dog knows to watch the eyes in order to access the reward. Many obedience trainers and a lot of dog owners that we encounter in Long Island do not believe in playing tug with their dog. Trainers will often caution against the use of tugs, spewing that it creates aggression in dogs. Then some dog trainers will advise on having the dog never win with the tug; that would become kind of boring for the dog, especially a German Shepherd, wouldn’t. Imagine playing a game that you NEVER win? You probably wouldn’t want to play anymore. Dedicated Dog Training loves to play tug, it’s an exceptional training tool for dogs and puppies. If you would like to learn more about how to get your German Shepherd puppy or dog how to pay attention to you, give us a call.

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