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Dog Training: What To Know Before Adopting a Puppy

Dog Training: What To Know Before Adopting a Puppy


If you own a deaf dog, you were probably very surprised when you found out your dog was deaf. The first thing that probably came to your mind, after
feeling sorry for the little fellow was: how do I train this dog?

Similar to people, there are dogs that are born deaf but this impairment
shouldn’t prevent us from training these adorable creatures to do what we
want them to do, particularly if they serve as our companion in our households.

Deaf dog training works exactly the same as training a healthy and hearing
dog. The primary concept of training is to reward the dog for conduct that
you wish to see them doing, and not rewarding them for the behavior you
don’t wish them to do. Dogs understand commands this way as they’ll repeat whatever conduct wherein they get something in return for.

The only difference of deaf dog training from normal dog training is the way of communicating with your dog. Dogs that have normal hearing get trained

with spoken commands, while deaf dog training, get trained with commands
that are more on the visual signals. When dealing with deaf dogs, you will
be able to capitalize on their sight, sense of touch and ability to smell.

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