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Dog Hack’s , Autumn Edition ! Good idea to take extra care of your pet´s in Autumn!

Dog Hack’s , Autumn Edition ! Good idea to take extra care of your pet´s in Autumn!

Hi Subbies & Viewers!

Finally Monster Dog Loco & MonsterMom’s Dog Hack’s ,Autumn Edition has finally arrived! AND This IS my first “overlay” video EVER and wow it was hard to make, and took loooong time, but I think it went well for a firsttimer (I hope?) And I hope ppl likes & appreiciate the work behind it, and I promice that it´ll be better n´better with time,my editing.skills I hope!

(Thanks for my friend and Subbie for emailing me links for great tutorials that I understood.) Cuz I´ve watched soooo many tutorials but I just didn´t understand what they were even saying. And it was more annoying to watch a litlle child making tutorial that was for hard for me to understand,so embaressing.

It’s getting colder, there’s mud, water pits , rain & other gross stuff on the roads & it’s affecting our lovely gods paws, fur & our interior as floor,carpets etc. And What the tricks are!!!

So here’s some simple hacks for Dog-owners (also some few other pets with furs) how to take care of the coating, bath , using alternative “medicine” instead of ticks & flee-medicine that’s filled with toxins!

And IF you live in a country where there’s beginning to be dark WHEN you wAlk the dog in the morning AND evening, there’s hack’s for that too!

Plus short explanation to WHY Monster Dog who’s a half Labrador & Half German boxer is wearing mussels even though he’s the most gentle dog you can meet ( I think he thinks he’s a chihuahua)?!?

And few other great tips I’ve been given to pamper my dog & save money as well 😉

I hope you enjoyed our Autumn Edition as Winter Edition is also coming, when the Winter arrives !

IF you have a great hack’s you wanna share , question to ask or whatever ,please leave a comment!

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Xoxo Loco & MonsterMom ❤️
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Shoutout to an another dog-lover;

Trudy Wright ! Awesome channel from Australia! Show her love! Link; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfp933yaLbevoWLzAd4BkA

Plz help Alex the blue mans second channel (there’s a cartoon blue man in the avatar) he’s channels has been suspended with NO explanations or ? Amount of time! Visit Hus channel & listen & decide IF you wanna support him?!?

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