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***Boerboel Puppy Training Tips Free-Mini Course***

***Boerboel Puppy Training Tips Free-Mini Course***

http://bit.ly/2f2t1d5 “Is your
Boerboel trained enough? All
Boerboel puppies make great pets.
Training your dog can be a fun and rewarding experience.
You have to establish a trusting relationship with your pet in
order to effectively train him. You can do this if you exercise patience
and are consistent in your training methods. Over time you will build trust
between yourself and your dog and making him part of your family will become
easier as you go.No task becomes too daunting, whether it’s obedience training
or potty training you can achieve it, you just need to know how. ”
There’s information available in a free mini course that will help you with
these issues, go to http://bit.ly/2f2t1d5

Here are several more resources to consider :
Dog Food Secrets: http://bit.ly/2olbfE4

Secrets to Dog Training: http://bit.ly/2oL8LQm

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  1. I have just adopted 2 mixed Mastiff puppies (Dad is Brazilian while mum is South African Mastiff). The older pup by 1 day is male while the sister younger by 1 day is female. They came to me at 3 months of age and are now 5 months old. Both are very hyper and playful. They also seemed to have huge appetites & seem to be always looking for food & treats.
    I have only managed to train them to sit before their meals. Would be great if you could share some other basic training tips for my 2 fur kids.

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