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Are Puppy Training Pads Really a Good Idea?

Are Puppy Training Pads Really a Good Idea?

You probably already have a pretty good idea of what puppy training pads are.

They are hugely popular among thousands of dog owners.

Deciding if puppy training pads are right for your dog or not will take some thought on your individual circumstances.

Do you have a yard or do you live in an apartment?

Crate training works better than puppy pads when you can take your dog out to go potty throughout the day.

If you live in an apartment and work all day and cannot take your dog out as often, a potty pad would probably work better.

Remember that while using puppy training pads to potty train a puppy that your dog gets a lot of input out of your body language.

Try and show them through gestures and commands that you want them to go potty on the pad.

Try and refrain from punishment, but instead use positive reinforcement.

Some breeds, especially Pugs have a hard time understanding what the puppy training pads are for.

Your dog may just tear it up, chew on it or maybe even eat it.

So be prepared with extras as you take the time to teach your pup its correct uses.

While buying generic brands of puppy pads may save you money, you don’t want to go for lower quality and absorbency.

No use saving a few pennies for the pee to go all over the floor.

Your dog should not need to use puppy training pads long term, three months should be plenty to get your dog trained properly.

Dog potty pads will save your carpet and your sanity over the long term.

Plus, the scented pads will not leave the stench of urine in your house like magazines or old newspapers would.

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